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Tim Morris

Tim is a writer and history buff who is serving as Raw Blink Production’s primary writer and editor.

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Audio Director

Mike is a composer and editor who composes all of the music for RBP. He also serves as chief editor of both the audio and writing components of main projects.

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Lead Artist

Ben is a professional Illustrator/ Sequential Artist residing in Philadelphia, PA. He found an attraction to art at an early age through cartoons and videogames then later on, in comic books and anime. Attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia exposed him to the world of digital art which he takes advantage of in almost all of his work. Style-wise he can be described as “Heavily Manga Influenced” to “Comic booky with hints of Manga”. He has created work and assisted on projects for such publishers as Tokyopop, Radical Comics, Beach Studios, Image Comics, and IDW as well as online publications like


Check out more of Ben’s work, here:

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Thom's artwork has been seen in nationwide advertising campaigns, in countless magazines and newspapers all across the country, and in the pages of numerous comic books. He has won awards for both his graphic design and illustration work.

Read more about Thom here:

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Layout Pointman

Matt does a great job in assisting our lead artists and keeping things on track by creating layouts to work off of.

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Website Designer

Chris is a middle school science teacher from the greater Philadelphia area.  After having his students use Wix for a space tourism project for the past decade, he finally decided that he should use it himself.  He thinks he did a pretty good job.  You're able to read this, so that's a win.

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